Welcome to the official page for the Strategic Nuclear Moose's own trading card game - know as Tragic the Garnering! For those of you that are new Tragic players, and for those simply curious about the game, we would like to take this chance to go over the basics. Let us get started:

What, exactly, is TtG?
  • Tragic the Garnering is a direct homage to the trading card game of the same name found in the Fallout series. Not only do we draw inspiration from Fallout and Magic the Gathering, but also from Hearthstone and Wasteland, with our own unique interpretation on the rules and lore. TtG is a non-commercial game, created and hosted by the SNM for the enjoyment of our Patrons.

How do I get started?

  • There are currently two ways in which TtG can be played:
  1. Should you print out the cards at home in a non-commercial manner, we will have unique prizes set up for any Patrons that get together and record a match.
  2. Using 3rd party programs, our Patrons will be able to battle each other online (we are currently restricted to 1v1).
  • With that taken into account, our Patrons will need to follow these steps before they are able to play:
  1. By visiting our digital store, Patrons can purchase a single starter deck, free of charge! After a starter deck has been purchased, in which a confirmation of your choice of colour will be asked for, you will earn the 'Tragic Novice' title, which will allow you to purchase booster packs from our digital store, using our site's currency, also known as credits, which are earned by participating around the site.
  2. You will need to download a 3rd party program, free of ads, known as 'Apprentice'. The download link can be found here: http://mtg.icequake.net/www.dragonstudios.com/apprentice/appr146.zip
  3. Once Apprentice has been downloaded, you will need to look further down for a file, which contains all TtG cards, as well as isolated deck files for whichever started deck you chose. Please keep in mind that we keep track of all cards our Tragic players receive through starter decks and booster packs. While it is fine to use cards you have not purchased in casual games against other Tragic players, official games will require you to use cards that you have actually purchased, otherwise you will be disqualified upon discovery.
  4. After you have downloaded the necessary files, you will need to find your Apprentice directory, open the 'Decks' folder, and paste the downloaded files into the folder.
  5. Once you have purchased booster packs, and have collected additional cards outside of your starter deck, you may use the 'Deck Editor' option under 'File' in Apprentice to modify, create entirely new decks, and/or rename your decks to your own personal preferences.
  6. Once you are ready to play, go into 'File', select 'New Game', and select the option 'Connect via the Internet', after making sure that your game options are correct first.
  7. Call your opponent, or have your opponent call you, by sharing your personal port number, which will be shown in the menu. You are now playing your first match, so good luck!

What are the rules?

  • For casual games, it is still proper etiquette to follow the standard guidelines and rules. However, in casual games, all Tragic players have the option to choose from the entire card-pool made available to them, even should they not have personally collected those cards yet. These games are not registered on the site, and will not award prizes or titles.
  • Tournament games will either be hosted personally by the SNM, or can be requested by two rivals in the TtG forum. All rules must be followed to the letter, and only cards that have been purchased, collected, and registered, can be used against opponents.
  • For a tournament-grade game to be properly recognized, both players must consent to the winner, or a recording/stream can be provided as evidence towards the winner.
  • For an in-depth rules .txt to keep open while playing, we have a complimentary file that can be downloaded here (WIP).
  • In a tournament game, should you lose, you must give your opponent a card of uncommon-grade or higher. This does not include cards of uncommon-grade or higher, that you received through your starter deck. Should you not have any uncommon-grade cards or higher in the event of a tournament loss, your title will be downgraded by a single level.
  • In order to challenge another Tragic player, you must be of the same title level, or, should both challengers consent, a higher titled player may challenge a lower titled player. Exceptions can be made in the event of popular rivalries.

What card files are available to me?
  • (WIP)
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Update 0.2 come out tonight. Keep your eyes out!
Welcome to our Tragic the Garnering page! Feel free to meet other Tragic players here, and to challenge them for prizes and prestige!