Top 5 guns in Fallout 4

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Hey guys, welcome to the first issue of Top 5s! In this edition I will be looking at various guns in Fallout 4 and explain why you should be using them.

Syringer Rifle

5.) The first weapon in my list is the Syringer rifle. This weapon isn't one-of-a-kind, but it is fairly rare, only being found in medical facilities. While it doesn't do direct damage to the target, it can cause a variety of special effects including paralyzation, causing your enemies to flee, inflicting bleeding damage, and more. This can be pretty useful for people trying to avoid fights. Rather than buying or finding the ammo you need, you must craft them at a chemistry station.

4.) The next weapon I recommend is called Overseer's Guardian and can be bought for roughly 4,000 caps in Vault 81. This gun is a modified combat rifle, and comes with a legendary modifier that allows it to shoot two projectiles at once (Using only 1 round of ammo). Because Vault 81 can be reached rather early in the game, this allows even lower leveled characters to get a powerful weapon quickly. This gun uses .45 rounds by default, but can be modified to use .308 ammo instead.

3.) The Last Minute is a unique variant of the Gauss Rifle. A standard Gauss Rifle can already deal a massive amount of damage, and The Last Minute improves this by also inflicting 50% more damage to limbs. This is particularly useful for blowing the arms off of assaultrons, or the legs off of ghouls. This gun also comes with quite a few mods on it, which is great for those who haven't invested in the Gun Nut perks. You can purchase The Last Minute from Ronnie at the Castle once you have the ability to use her as a vendor.

2.) Coming in at number two in my list is Spray n' Pray. This is a unique submachine gun with a legendary modifier that causes explosive area of effect damage. This gun fires very rapidly, and can rack up some huge amounts of damage. The Demolition Expert perks make the damage from this gun even greater. Just be careful not to shoot too close to yourself or allies, as the explosive damage alone can cause a decent amount of damage. This gun can be bought from the wandering merchant Cricket, who's often found at Bunker Hill.

1.) Number 1 on my list is Le Fusil Terribles, a unique combat shotgun. If you've ever played Fallout 3, you may remember the Terrible Shotgun... And Le Fusil Terribles is very similar. This shotgun does 25% extra damage and 25% extra limb damage, at the cost of having worse recoil. There are many weapon mods that improve the recoil, making it much more bearable. This weapon is number 1 on my list because it absolutely destroys anyone unfortunate enough to cross paths with its wielder. It also has a high ammo capacity, with the large quick eject magazine mod giving you an astounding 32 shots before having to reload. You can snag this treasure from the captain's quarters of Libertalia.

That's all for this edition of Top 5s! If you enjoyed reading this and it has helped you in any way, please feel free to comment or send me a message to let me know! As always, I am open to suggestions on what type of content you would like to see. Take care!

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