Welcome to our Terraria clan! Should you be interested in joining us, there are a few details to keep in mind:

  • Our Terraria server is very casual. At the end of every month, players will need to transfer their items, as a new world will be created at the beginning of every month. Worlds will be saved for a week, in-case our clan members need more time to transfer their stuff.
  • There are no real rules, so long as you do not use cheats. Every clan member can either group up, go lone wolf, or even become a bandit.
  • Sysops and moderators will not use their powers to establish a presence on the server. All having those powers are for, is to deal with trouble-makers - not to have an unfair advantage.

To join our clan, a few steps need to be followed first:

  • You will need to download Hamachi (unmanaged).
  • After downloading Hamachi, you may either write out a short bio in the comments section on this page, or you may message a Terraria clan leader directly.
  • A short application will be sent your way, and after filling it out and sending it in, will be reviewed so that we may whitelist you.
  • Once you are whitelisted, a message with the server information will be sent to you within 24 hours.
I've had Terraria for a long time, along with Himachi. Can I join?
Land Bandits, oh yeah!
Terraria server is now available! Please see the comments for a short update.