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Minecraft Community Application

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Minecraft Application Form
This application form is to determine which of our Patrons are to be whitelisted through our official Minecraft server(s). Please answer all questions thoroughly and honestly.

If you have been blacklisted, then creating another application will see to your application being immediately rejected. All whitelist reinstatements, must be handled through the appropriate Minecraft forum, and will be handled case-by-case.
What is your Minecraft user-name?
This is your Minecraft in-game name - if you do not know it, press 'T', then press '1', and lastly press 'Enter'.
Why do you want to join the server, and what is your specialty?
Please be descriptive - the more that we know about you, the more trust we can intially place into you.
Who told you about us?
You do not have to answer, but if you answer 'Other', please answer the next question, as well:
If you picked 'Other', please specify:
Username, website name, etc.
If you were to join our server(s), what would you spend your time on? Can you show examples as to your prior work?
While examples are not mandatory, they can be very effective for quick whitelisting. Please be descriptive with your answer(s).
What would you want from us, should you be whitelisted? And by that, I mean what are your ultimate aspirations, and how can we help you achieve said aspirations?
This is one of the most important questions - please be candid.
Have you ever griefed, and do you believe you might grief again in the future?
Being a griefer will not automatically result in the rejection of your application - in fact, griefers can be very useful. We only want honesty.
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Application Form

Email Address:
Application Form
Please fill out your application thoroughly and honestly. Failure to comply with these simple rules and questions will result in your application being denied by an administrator.
What brought you to the Strategic Nuclear Moose?
What will be your primary interest here?
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Tell us about yourself and why you want to become a part of this community.
Have you helped the Moose out in any way during our time at Nukapedia or at The Vault?
Content Creator
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