Minecraft Adventure Server
Hello Patrons, and welcome to our official Minecraft guild! We are known as the Prjiforian Militia, and are aiming to be a leading faction out in the blocky wastes! We are recruiting for 3 different branches:

  • Officers
  1. These members of our militia will be the moderators and sysops, for keeping the peace and making sure that our territory is free of undesirables. At any given time, we will have (0/5) moderators, and (0/2) sysops.
  2. Ontop of their primary duties, Officers will also be expected to help out other members of our militia, and are given free range to give protection for larger towns/cities, and can even offer up quest rewards for those willing to put in the work.
  3. Should an Officer become inactive, they will not be immediately removed from their position. However, if another promising candidate comes along, they will be given a chance to replace inactive Officers.
  • Laborers
  1. The backbone of our militia, Laborers will be given access to creative mode, which in turn will allow them to shape our territory in great ways. If you have what it takes and can prove yourself, you will be personally recruited to become a laborer.
  2. Being a Laborer means being dedicated. While an Officer will typically be kept onboard even when inactive, laborers will be demoted back down to a civilian if their work comes to an extended halt.
  • Civilians
  1. Most members of our militia will be considered Civilians at first, and can work themselves up into higher branches. As a Civilian, many different doctrines are accepted, such as, but not limited to:
  2. Raiders: While we do not smile kindly on those in the militia that prey on the weak, there are times when we will let a "Tariff" or two slide by. However, keep in mind that if your actions become too violent, you will risk having a bounty placed on your head.
  3. Bounty Hunters: For those within our militia that make a bad name for us, bounties may be placed, which will reward bounty hunters after killing their target and bringing back proof of their demise.
  4. Adventurer: For those that just wish to explore the wastes around them, many within our militia are allowed outside of our walls to go out and find themselves. Just be careful, as straying too far off the beaten path may place you outside of our protection from raiders and the like.
Remember, potential builders, that we are looking for server ideas! Never feel too shy to share with us. :)
I'm working on a few things for the server... Most of them aesthetic, but some can change your game so much you will have to create a whole new playstyle... Be prepared.
Ender Dragon respawned yesterday at noon, just for you guys to know.
Just a tip for the server, people who have Ender Dragon heads on their head or at their base are normally a force to be reckoned with.