Fan-Fiction Challenge

Janaschi a posted Mar 21, 14
-Introduction: Hello fellow Patrons, and welcome to our first challenge hosted by the Strategic Nuclear Moose! In this challenge, we will be asking our Patrons to develop their own game idea, whether continuing from already existing games such as Fallout, or creating your very own unique story. Before submitting your entry, I would like to go through a list of prerequisites first:

  • 1st Place - 100 credits
  • 2nd Place - 50 credits
  • 3rd Place - 10 credits

  • There must be at least 5 participants for the challenge to enter the voting stages. While every challenge lasts a month, extensions will be given until enough participants are present. For every week extension, a mini-challenge will be released.
  • Entries must be complete, with a main-storyline that is seen to the end, and with proper character development and plot elements. While we will not set page/word count requirements, fragment entries will still be denied at the host's discretion.
  • Entries must be submitted as a new forum thread. You may find that appropriate forum to post here.
  • While entirely textual entries are perfectly fine as we are looking for quality and not necessarily aesthetic appeal or quantity, side-aspects such as images, self-made videos, and optional plot-elements are embraced and encouraged.

  • If it is discovered that any entry has stolen content, the offending entries will be immediately disqualified and removed, as well as their proposers banned from the site.
  • Pornographic images as well as shock content will disqualify your entry. However, artistic nudity is allowed.
  • Attacking other entries will result in your entry being disqualified and removed, as well as a possible site ban.
R 17 INFCTDxGAMR No more challenges? I was looking forward to this on this page.
Denis517 I have an old dream that needs to be reawakened! I'm in!
Zerginfestor Sure, I wouldn't mind lol.