Starting off as a humble blog series found on Nukapedia/The Vault - the Fallout wikis, the Moose has always held the gaming community as a whole in the highest esteem, and seeks to bring together gamers from all around into a vast and relaxed environment. As we grew and grew, Nukapedia's host, Wikia, was not able to provide the tools we needed, and so after a short hiatus, we uprooted ourselves and have become the powerhouse our loyal Patrons see today!

While our primary focus is still around the Fallout universe, and affiliations with our previous hosts still as strong as ever, our community actively seeks out anything and everyone revolving around sci-fi and/or apocalyptia. What this means is that as we grow with the gaming community, our cantina will consistently remain a unique environment where even our most eldest Patrons will run into new ideals and people drifting in and out.

What we can offer to our Patrons:

     For our competitive Patrons:                                                                                                                             For our casual Patrons:
  • Monthly competitions
  • Official hosted guilds & clans
  • Periodic P&P/role-playing forums
  • A hosted TCG (still being developed)
  • Regular and varied community content
  • Consistent game and gaming culture news
  • Fora and chat-rooms
  • An environment that embraces both OOC & IC

Code of Conduct:

General Rules:
  • Be respectful. Our Patrons are here to have fun, and we expect everyone to cooperate and get along with each other.
  • Our moderators are volunteers. Remember that they are not here to give you a hard-time, and to be civil when interacting with them.
  • All community content found here is for the enjoyment of our Patrons. If you have an issue with anything found here, take it up with a moderator. Do not raise contempt by flame-baiting.
  • Do not post pornography, shock-images, flame-bait, cross-site problems, vandalism, spam, or advertising. These will result in immediate bans.
  • Our site is casual. We will not create many rules here, nor will there be a stifling bureaucracy. As long as you follow the simple rules here, everyone's experience will be a good one.

  • Private-messages are not monitored, but can be screen-shotted and reported. So remember to remain civil both publicly and privately.
  • Our chat-rooms are highly customizable, and allows everything from embedding images/videos, to using BBC code. Please use these options responsibly.
  • We do not disallow expletives or messing around such as with consensual joke kicks. Keep in mind, however, that there is such a thing as abusing this leniency, and action will be taken against such abuse.
  • Our chat-moderators are trusted members of the community, and are given free-reign to ban at their discretion. If you feel they are abusing their moderator privileges, they can be reported in the fora. But keep in mind that they are not restricted in how they handle vandals and trouble-makers.
  • Artistic nudity is accepted in our chat-room. Pornography & shock-images are not.
  • Our chat-rooms are mature. By entering them, you are understanding that there might be discussions not friendly to those under-age.
  • Do not use our chat-rooms to conspire or talk bad about others behind their backs. This sort of behaviour will be immediately investigated upon discovery.
  • Forum rules are applied to each category as necessary. Please read the appropriate rules under each specific category before posting threads within them.
  • Anyone can create a guild/clan at the Moose, as long as proper reasons are given to warrant affiliation at the Moose. However, even the smallest of transgressions will result in offending guilds/clans being removed immediately, followed by a possible site ban.
  • Guilds/clans must be respectful, as being represented by the Moose demands. Hate-mongering, cyber-bullying, etc. etc. etc. will be counted as disrespecting the Moose.
  • We do own both the Strategic Nuclear Moose, and the Tactical Atomic Panda. Take our names without our consent, and actions will be taken against your guild/clans(s)

Site Specific:
  • Many if not most of the images used on the Strategic Nuclear Moose, are public domain images that we use in a non-commercial manner. Please report any images directly to our Sysops if you are aware of artist information, or if we are using modified images that breaks public domain/fair-use laws.
  • If you are the original artist of an image or images that we use here, please let us know. We will either give credit or remove offending images - whichever is appropriate towards the situation.
User Specific:
  • If at any time you upload an image onto the Strategic Nuclear Moose, such images are subject to removal at any given time. Our Sysops do have access to every profile here, and if an image is reported, such as a user-avatar, we can and will remove offending content.
  • If uploading an image into our galleria, and should the image not be original content, you will be expected to give credit, if possible.
  • If it is discovered that you are stealing any original content from our users for use on another website without giving credit, you will be immediately and permanently banned.